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Hello. I appreciate you coming to Hiei Obsession. You're obviously here because you have an addiction to Hiei. Don't worry, its perfectly normal. I made this website to help you feed the hunger for Hiei inside of you. I have pictures in my gallery, fun pages, and information, that you probably never knew about everyone's favorite 3 eyed fire youkai.

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Oi, tomorrow I go to Bermuda for a week. Bleh. I fixed up the site a little. The Torture Kuwabara page is brand new. Other than making that, I fixed up some typo's and misunderstandings. A few little things that have been bothering me, and the code for a button on the link to me page.



It's been like...a month? Sorry about the lack in updates. I added a few new Hiei letters, and a link to "A Hiei Shrine" which is self-explanatory. Well, it's going to be a busy month...very busy. I have exams coming up, a 1 week cruise to Bermuda coming up, and I can't go to anime NEXT because of several reasons. >< So me and my friends are going to Icon next year. I have more time to get my costumes together. Well, I'm off to Anime Rpgers(see links section) Bye for now.


Meh, long time no update. I finally got the interview with Miji, and I added a few more Ask Hiei letters. I might not be updating in a while. I have to go on a cruise to Bermuda in the beginning of June, then during the middle of June, I have AnimeNEXT. If you're in the area and will be there, let me know. I'll be Rinoa Heartilly(FFVIII) and Bakura(Yu-Gi-Oh!) But back to business, I have a lot of work with the site, and I plan to start changing the password for the "A song to you" page weekly. I just don't want people spreading the password around...not that I didn't give fair warning. In the Hiei Bio page, I have yet to fix the images...bleck. I will soon, bear with me. Back to work...


I changed the password. I'm done with this website for today. Bye bye for now.


Oi...I got a letter to Hiei yesterday...it had a song in it from Miji(check the Ask Hiei section) and the whole thing was an obscenity. I gave it it's own page...but it's password protected. If you wan't the password, you have to email me. BUT I've given many warnings about the explict content. If you're young and/or immature, don't request the password. Nothing is edited from the letter.


I've been working for a whole day and I barely got anything done. Sign the guestbook. It's the least you could do. I'll be back when I wake up then I'll do some more work. In the meantime, I have some other stuff to finish up.

Why Hiei?

Out of the four spirit detectives, I chose Hiei for several reasons. He's very attractive, hehe, I love his personality, his original fighting style, and his morals and outlook on life. But the most important thing is his past. He has the sadest childhood, compared to anyone.


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Hiei© and Yu Yu Hakusho© were created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Sadly, I'm just a loser who just obsesses over it. I didn't help with the creation whatsoever.